The months before an IPO can be some of the most delicate
and important in a business’s growth journey.

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A pre-IPO fundraise can give companies extra time to mature and the resources to prepare for an upcoming IPO. By raising tranches of funds, companies can also ultimately increase their public valuation. 

For investors, a pre-IPO raise is an opportunity to buy shares in a potentially highly valuable company at a lower price than will be offered on the public market. Investors who prefer higher risk-reward strategies often favour pre-IPO investments (though there is a risk of the IPOs not subsequently occurring). 

We offer a range of bespoke solutions for companies looking to raise funds for growth in advance of going public. Our extensive networks of high- and ultra high-net-worth investors and family offices means we are often able to connect businesses with investment they would not otherwise have found, strengthening their position for an IPO further down the line. 

We understand that the ability to access ready capital when you need it is crucial to both enduring periods of uncertainty and financing future growth. 

Our focus on growth companies means we work with some of the most exciting, innovative and swiftly growing businesses around.  


We understand that the decision to float on a public market is a pivotal event in the lifecycle of a company.

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Strategic Consulting

We use our expertise and networks to help companies expand, streamline or enhance their operations.

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Takeover Code Advisory

We offer expert advice on the Takeover Code informed by first-hand experience. 

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We advise public and private businesses on valuation, strategy and negotiations during mergers and acquisitions.

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Management buy-outs (MBOs) and management buy-ins (MBIs) are sensitive transactions that need careful handling.

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