Invoice Purchasing

First Sentinel are experts on solving the short-term cashflow needs for small to medium sized enterprises. 

Optimizing Cash Flow for SMEs

First Sentinel provides cashflow solutions in sectors where providers usually wait to get paid, have irregular cashflow or long payment cycles.  The focus tends to be on the crash repair industry as we purchase invoices which have been approved by insurance companies  – thus significantly reducing the rate of potential default.  Other sectors include civil engineering and recruitment. Oftentimes, these businesses are looking to improve the  management of their day-to-day cashflow, invest in new parts, equipment and technology or expand beyond their domestic market.

£54m worth of invoices purchased in 2017

First Sentinel strategically acquired invoice purchasing company Perennial Enterprises which had been successfully operating in the invoice purchasing space in Australia for over 20 years.  First Sentinel is currently raising funds to scale the purchase of more invoices across AUS and the UK via the First Sentinel Bond.


Invoice factoring as an investment choice

As investors seek to diversify risk and improve their yield in this low interest rate environment, invoice factoring can offer an innovative and appealing investment opportunity. So long as appropriate and efficient credit scoring processes are in place, an investment in invoice factoring could generate outsized returns when compared to

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Invoice factor – helping SMEs better manage their cash flow

Invoice factoring is an established form of business lending that can help certain SMEs by offering a reliable payment cycle and a better management of their cash flow requirements. Invoice factoring enables businesses to convert their accounts receivable into immediate cash, rather than having to wait to receive payment. This

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