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Debt Opportunities

  • Structured Debt: First Sentinel sources and architects bespoke financing solutions for mining and resource companies, usually short-term (6-12 months) and with high IRRs
  • SME Loans: We provide secured business loans to SMEs that meet strict criteria, usually with intended returns of up to 7+% for our investors.
  • Invoice Purchasing: First Sentinel strategically acquired Australian-based invoice purchasing company Perennial Enterprises. We can usually provide a 7% return to investors via our First Sentinel PLC bond – which invests in the purchasing of invoices in AUS and the UK. First Sentinel focuses on only purchasing invoices approved by insurance companies in the auto repair sector – significantly reducing the risk of default. 

First Sentinel PLC Bond

In February 2018, First Sentinel PLC announced that it intends to issue up to £4,000,000 sterling denominated 7.0% Secured Bonds due 28 February 2023, to be admitted to trading on the NEX Exchange Growth Market.  Interest on these bonds will be paid quarterly.

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