Your account provides you with access to a highly sophisticated and near real-time trading and execution system, in combination with a highly efficient team enabling seamless transactions.

Our partner: Credo Wealth

  • Credo Wealth was formed in 1998 and now has over £3 billion of assets under custody and over £1 billion of which is under management.
  • The company represents over 6,500 client accounts and has offices in the UK and South Africa.
  • The company endeavours to develop long-term relationships with its clients and shares the same values as us in this regard, with a focus on being able to provide the services of a larger institution with a personal approach.

Benefits of a Credo Wealth brokerage account

  • Exemplary service and your own personal stockbroker to help you execute trades and manage your account. 
  • When you open a brokerage account you receive access to your own sophisticated online portal, enabling you to visualise your positions held on account across asset different classes, custodians and currencies.
  • Aside from equities, your account enables you to trade in over 60 markets and a variety of different instruments and funds, including fixed income, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, hedge funds and currencies.  
  • Our partner broking accounts also allow our clients to more easily participate in First Sentinel’s investments.