That’s where we come in.

We offer structured loans, supply chain finance, invoice purchasing and fundraising services (via debt and equity) to selected corporate clients, ensuring that companies with fundamentally strong business models can survive in the bad times and thrive in the good times.

First Sentinel offers these lending services specifically to SMEs, an area where many traditional banks fall short.

Our experience in corporate finance allows us to perform thorough due diligence on all of our lending clients to ensure their profile is right for borrowing. We also have the capacity to provide growth capital via equity or debt in specific cases, connecting you to our network of investors and family offices, please get in touch to find out more.


We can assist pre-IPO and listed companies with all aspects of fundraising via debt or equity, from creating a prospectus, to connecting you with investors, to structuring and managing transactions.

  • Tailored solutions for your circumstances, whether fundraising via debt or equity
  • Access to flexible capital through equity fundraising
  • Retain full ownership rights with access to capital through structured debt

Supply chain finance

Through its partner company Capable Finance, First Sentinel provides supply chain financing to corporate clients and their suppliers.

  • Technology-based business and financing processes link the various parties in a transaction—buyer, seller and financing institution— in order to lower financing costs and improve business efficiency
  • Clients can negotiate better terms from the supplier; suppliers can unload their products more quickly and receive immediate payment
  • Sophisticated cloud-based software allows corporates and suppliers can participate easily in early repayment programmes and unlock working capital

Invoice Purchasing

First Sentinel purchases invoices from corporates in the crash repair, civil engineering and mining sectors through it’s partner company First Sentinel Business Finance.

  • Invoices often pre-approved by insurance companies, reducing default rates
  • Clients free up working capital to reinvest in operations and growth

Structured Loans

First Sentinel provides loans of various sizes to SMEs, establishing long-term relationships with them to ensure their businesses can grow effectively.

  • Short-term capital injections with no intermediary
  • Daily payback plans
  • Thorough due diligence performed on all borrowers

Our Partners

First Sentinel Business Finance

First Sentinel Business Finance is based in Sydney and specialises in providing factoring services to the Australian market, with a focus on the crash repair, labour hire and mining industries. By purchasing their clients’ invoices, First Sentinel Business Finance allows them to free up valuable working capital, for clients, otherwise restricted through lengthy payment terms. This provides businesses with the liquidity they require for operational purposes and helps promote accelerated growth.

Capable Finance

Capable is a fintech company focused on financing and supporting the supply chain operations of SMEs. Supply chain finance is a solution that offers short-term credit, optimising working capital for the buyer and generating additional operating cash flow for the supplier. This minimises risk across the supply chain and benefits both parties. Capable streamlines this process by linking all parties involved in the transaction – buyer, seller and financing institution – through one innovative platform, lowering the costs and improving the efficiency of the process.