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First Sentinel provides entrepreneurs and growth companies with the capital, advice and strategic support they need. We also offer professional investors and institutions the chance to invest in these companies at key periods of expansion. 

Our approach is creative, curious and hands-on. We make it our business to really understand our clients, so that we can develop the most successful fundraising strategies and offer the most targeted guidance. 

Our mission is to help growth companies achieve their full potential. We’re an experienced and hard-working team who can provide and facilitate end-to-end solutions for every step of the growth journey.


We believe that investments are just as much about people as they are about money. When we work with a company, we offer more than just access to capital – we share our experience and expertise to help ensure the long-term success of their growth journey. And in building value for them, we also enhance the opportunities we’re able to offer our investors.

Our core values underpin everything we do:


We’re excited about the companies we work with, and we go above and beyond to make them a success. We believe that fully understanding the needs of our clients and investors is what allows us to offer the smartest, most effective solutions and to deliver on our promises.


From our innovative, problem-solving approach to our nose for new alternative investment opportunities, we don’t just follow the crowd. Internally, we actively encourage entrepreneurship and independent thinking within our team.


Trust is the keystone of any relationship. We want our investors and our clients to feel completely confident in all their dealings with us, so holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards is fundamental to who we are. 

OTC Markets

The United States represents over 40% of the world’s total stock market capitalisation.

As uncertainty continues around the economic ripple effects of Brexit, the war in Ukraine and the Chinese real estate crisis, gaining access to the deep pockets of the US capital markets has become even more crucial for foreign issuers around the world.

However, foreign issuers on exchanges like NYSE or Nasdaq are subject to onerous US exchange listing requirements and different accounting standards, which can prove resource-intensive, time-consuming and cost-prohibitive for all but the largest companies.

The OTC Markets, which allow securities to be traded via a broker-dealer network rather than on a centralised exchange, can allow UK and European companies to bypass these complexities while still acquiring the crucial US ticker symbol that can be bought in US dollars during US market hours.

OTC Markets


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