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Your vision.  Our strategy.  First Sentinel provides curated investment opportunities for our family office and High Net Worth clients and structure equity, bridge and mezzanine financing for our corporate clients.

We are proud to be advisers to Stabilitech Biopharma – – who have developed an oral vaccine against Covid-19, using their patented stabilisation technology. They are moving towards human trials, but the advantage their vaccine has over others yet to be developed is that it is taken in capsule form. This means no refrigeration and importantly it can be self-administered. Stabilitech previously developed a capsule form vaccine for Zika.

See the recent article in The Sunday Times.   

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Confident Investing​

At First Sentinel, we ensure you have the right information to make informed investing decisions. With a range of investment products & options, we will work with you to map you to investments that suit your goals.

  • Family Office:  First Sentinel specializes in managing, arranging and providing advisory services for family office investments.
  • Equity:  Become a First Sentinel PLC shareholder to take advantage of the full suite of FS Investments.
  • Debt:  With the 7.5% per annum Bond, it’s intended that you’ll realize a high & steady yield on your investment.

I've been with First Sentinel since they started and couldn't be happier.

– Gerry Defries, Investor, Partner at Defriess Weiss Accounting